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Truck Tops & More is your local authorized source for the all-new line of VENTUROUS fiberglass truck toppers with exclusive PolyFuse technology. All VENTUROUS fiberglass toppers have the following features:

What is PolyFuse technology?

LTA Manufacturing has reinvented truck topper production with PolyFuse technology. This patent-pending injection molded process is being used for the first time ever to create fiberglass truck toppers, and LTA Manufacturing is the ONLY company currently using this method.

Benefits of PolyFuse

PolyFuse technology produces a cap that is much stronger and lighter.

Truck caps produced with POLYFUSE technology are 38% lighter and have more than double the strength of traditional open-molded truck caps giving you greater rooftop load-carrying capacity. This added strength makes the installation of rack systems, rooftop tents, and other accessories easier and safer. Any possibility of delamination is eliminated due to the new injection molding production method.

PolyFuse technology produces a consistent high-end resin finish.

Truck caps produced with PolyFuse technology feature a smoother finish compared to traditional open-mold technology. Rough and sharp fibers commonly found on the inside of open-mold technology toppers are eliminated. The interior is also available in several colors. Similar technology is used by high-end yacht and automotive manufacturers.