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The MX Series mid high roof provides more headroom and storage capacity, while offering easier access to your gear. The exclusive walk-in door option provides effortless access plus better line-of-sight for users who pull trailers or boats.
MX Series Truck Cap Specifications
MX Series Fits the Following Trucks
Truck Size Bed Size Height* Door Clearance** Weight***
Full & Mid Long Bed 28.5" 38" 200 lbs.
Full & Mid Short Bed 28.5" 38" 190 lbs.
Full & Mid Extra Short Bed 28.5" 38" 180 lbs.
Mini Long Bed 26" 35" 160 lbs.
Mini Short Bed 26" 35" 150 lbs.
Mini Extra Short Bed 26" 35" 135 lbs.
Walk-In Door Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Tundra, Dakota 28.5" - 62 lbs.
Walk-In Door S-10, Ranger, Tacoma 26" - 55 lbs.

MX Series Construction


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